Huikean, uraauurtavan ja pitkän uran tankotanssin parissa luonut yhdysvaltalainen Jenyne Butterfly saapuu pääsiäisenä Suomeen ja vierailunsa yhteydessä myös ohjaa kaksi workshopia Vertical Clubilla keskiviikkona 4.4.2018. Nimillä Smooth, Slow & Sexy (klo 16.30-18.30) ja Grace in transitions (klo 19.00-21.00) kulkevilla kursseilla keskitytään työstämään liikekieltä ja liikkeiden välisiä siirtymiä. Workshopit kestävät huimat kaksi tuntia, minkä ansiosta tunnin teemaan päästään pureutumaan tavallista syvemmin!

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16.30-18.30 Smooth, Slow & Sexy (2 h, all levels)
From floor work to the pole, we cover all the flowy fundamentals. Learn a routine with creative movement that accentuates femininity with flirtatious and sultry expression. Let all your hair down and sensuality out to play while you work up a sweat. We will focus on ways to alter moves to fit your body and style while engaging in what feels natural. Let go, just move.

19.00-21.00 Grace in transitions (2 h, all levels)
From one move to another shouldn’t be rushed, it should be acknowledged as a move all on it’s own. Slow it down and flow it down. We focus on thinking patterns of the mind and allowing ourselves to be present in the moment. You will learn new ways in and out of old moves and the importance of balancing your transition moves to allow freedom in your flow.

About Jenyne:
Originally from Seattle, Jenyne began her love for circus after taking classes with the Aerialistas. She began performing with them after only a few lessons. She first discovered pole dancing in an exotic club and quickly bought one for her home to begin teaching herself. A few years later her videos were being posted on Youtube and she inspired an entire movement. After moving to Las Vegas in search of opportunity, she performed in Le Reve and started her company, Mariposa Entertainment Artists, booking talent at special events around the globe. She won the first US Pole Dance Federation championship and earned silver in the world finals. She toured to 45 countries instructing master classes, judging competitions, and performing before Cirque du Soleil called. Jenyne created the Dirty Diana act on the first curvy pole apparatus for Michael Jackson ONE where she performed 5 years. She has performed in music videos, movies, commercials, been seen on billboards, magazine covers, and with world famous DJ’s such as David Guetta, Tiesto, and Paul Oakenfold where she created the first ever aerial pole. Jenyne’s talent and experience is unparalleled and her passion shines through in all that she does.

  • Hinnat:
    • 85 €/workshop (2 h)
    • opiskelijat, työttömät, Vertical Clubin kausikorttilaiset 79 €/workshop (2 h)
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    • Ilmoittautuminen on sitova.
    • Ilmoittaudu sähköpostilla osoitteeseen Ilmoita seuraavat tiedot: nimi, puhelinnumero, sähköpostiosoite ja postiosoite.
    • Lasku kurssista lähetetään sähköpostitse. Laskun tulee olla maksettuna ennen workshopin alkua.
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