What is it about?
-Intimate gymnastics secrets and why the Kegel exercises do not work.
-What is the “belly wave” or “nauli” trend and why we need it?
-How to “refresh” sex after 10 years of marriage?
-Daoist techniques – what is the secret of eternal youth and beauty?

For whom is it?
-For women of any age who care for themselves and want to preserve their health and attractiveness for many years.
-For those who experience discomfort in the intimate sphere (prolapse of organs, incontinence, hemorrhoids, pain during menstruation and sex, lack of orgasms).
-For those who want to recover from childbirth, restore sensitivity and vaginal volume, increase libido.
-For those who want to train (play sports) correctly, without causing harm to their body.
-For those who want to enjoy themselves, life and intimacy with a partner, feel confident, feminine and sexual.
-For those who want to be always energetic and have a resource for the execution of the desired.

2 hours of theory and practice that will change your life!

What will we do?
-Basics of a woman’s health, why intimate dysfunctions occur, what to do with it.
-Easy clear anatomy and the most important knowledge about the female body.

-Correct pelvic muscle exercises
-Vacuum and belly wave/nauli
-Breathing techniques, how to breathe properly
-Energy Meditations

I will give you techniques and exercises, and most importantly you will understand the basic principles of how a female body works.

If you have any questions – ask me!

Will it work for you? Yes, because I build practice on the principle from simple to complex – everyone will succeed!

Do You need it? Yes, if you are a woman!

Duration: 2 hours, theory and practice
Wear comfortable clothing
Price: 30 €
Buy your spot from Vertical Club’s webstore
Location: Vertical Club
Address: Hermannin rantatie 2 B, Helsinki
Time: June 16, 11:00-13:00
The number of places is limited, entry and prepayment are required!

About me:
I am Aljona Granberg, a specialist in women’s health. I am a certified trainer in yoga (YTT200) and intimate gymnastics (Vagiton system), I also have a yoga therapist training, focusing on women’s health. I am engaged in Daoist practices and training intimate muscles. I conduct individual and group training in yoga, perinatal yoga and women’s practices. I make up individual programs for specific requests.