Pääsiäisenä saamme nauttia valovoimaisen vogue-duon Amanda & Lydia’n workshopeista.

Bedroom-style by Amanda & Lydia ma 13.4. klo 13.30–14.45
The Bedroom Style workshop is for you, if you’re interested in experimenting different variations of sexy, sultry and feminine motion. The goal is to find your own divine power through effortless sensual movement and learn to love your body. All Bodies are beautiful and sexy!
In class we’ll do a coreography, which is technically easy and doesn’t require dance background to participate.
You can wear a pair of heels but it’s not mandatory.

Workshop is an open level.

Heels by Amanda & Lydia ma 13.4. klo 15.00–16.15
Get your heels ready sis! On this workshop we’ll practice dancing in heels. We’ll dive to the technical elements as well as the performative parts that dancing sexy/confident in heels requires. Choreography in the class is based on fiercely sexy body language and is more up-beat and technically more challenging than the one in Bedroom Style workshop.

Workshop is an open level/advanced.

Amanda & Lydia
Amanda & Lydia (aiemmin tunnettu nimellä Amanda & Ofimja) on vuonna 2015 perustettu kantaaottava tanssi- ja performanssitaideduo, jonka taide perustuu Queer- ja Ballroom-kulttuuriin.
Amanda & Lydia’n tanssissa keskeistä on sensuelli ja pehmeä estetiikka sekä feminiininen voima ja itsevarmuus.
Amanda & Lydia on esiintynyt erilaisissa klubi-, underground- ja aktivistiyhteisöissä, kansainvälisillä performanssitaidefestivaaleilla sekä Jenni Vartiaisen ja Alman kaltaisten suomalaisartistien, kuin myös yhdysvaltalaisartisti Princess Nokian kanssa.

Amanda & Lydia (formerly known as Amanda & Ofimja) is a 2015 based bold and unapologetic dance-/performance art duo, that draws from the Queer- and Ballroom -culture.
In the center of Amanda & Lydia’s art is sensual and soft aesthetic in hand with feminine power and confidence.
Amanda & Lydia has performed in various clubs, queer/trans activist and underground events and international performance art festivals, but also with big Finnish and international artists, such as Jenni Vartiainen, Alma, Leila K and Princess Nokia.

1 workshop 30 €
2 workshops 50 €

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