Vertical Club Ltd. was founded in 2012 in Helsinki, Finland. Our main goal is to provide, produce and develop pole dancing, aerial yoga and other acrobatic-related forms of fitness and exercises. We are proud to be the very first studio in Finland offering Aerial Yoga!

We are located very close to Kalasatama metro station. There are also plenty of bus lines from Eastern Helsinki, City Centre, Espoo and Vantaa that can be used to visit our studio.

Notice: In some devices Google Maps might lead you to the location in the top part of the picture. This is not the correct place. Google has been notified and the mistake has been corrected, but the problem still appears in some devices.

We provide our services to all people interested in sports, fitness and acrobatics.  All training levels are covered in our studio!

  1. Vision: We bring happiness and welfare to peoples daily life by offering innovative acrobatic classes
  2. Mission: To become the top leader in aerial and other acrobatic-related forms of fitness and training in Finland and Northern countries
  3. Values: Our basic values are freshness, professionalism, safety, high level customer service and innovative thinking
  4. Our promise: Vertical Club promises to offer the best training facilities, the most creative and innovative classes for customers all levels and professional instructors with years of experience in group training and aerial acrobatics.

Contact information:

Vertical Club Ltd.
Hermannin rantatie 2B, 2nd floor
00580 Helsinki
Tel. +358 (0)44 3500 535
email address